How to Get Bearings Out of Skateboard Wheels?

How to Get Bearings Out of Skateboard Wheels

If you are wondering about how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels, then don’t worry as it is a simpler task if you know how to do it. Bearings are a crucial part of the board which helps in maintaining the rotational movement of the board. In this blog, we will discuss how to change skateboard bearings off. Whether you are cleaning rusted bearings out of wheels or replacing them, you should definitely learn how to safely get them off your board.

If you can’t get the bearings out of wheels, then read the steps below.

Remove the Wheel Cautiously

Ensure that you remove the axle nut and wheel cautiously which is located in the center. We recommend you to unscrew the nut on the axle by using a socket and if you do not have a socket, then you can use a socket wrench or a crescent. While doing this step, keep in mind to use the correct size of nuts. Place the nuts in a safe place as we often misplace it while getting the bearings out of the wheel.

Place the Wheel Back

The next step is to place the wheel back on the board’s axle. Don’t fix it properly, just place the tip of the axle and touch the bearing. Avoid touching the wheel as it will only complicate the task.

Pry the Wheel Carefully

Make sure you pry the wheel cautiously and don’t forget to use the leverage while doing it. When you ill pry the wheel, then use the heel of your hand on the outside of the wheel and place your fingers on the top. When you will pry the wheel, then use the leverage. For instance, you have to pry it just like when you pop a can or remove the bottle cap from any bottle.

When you change the new bearings in the wheel and you break the existing ones, then don’t worry as it does not matter. In case, you clean it, then make sure you do, it carefully and put the bearings gently. You have to insert the tip into the bearing if you will use a bearing puller. Using the puller will help you pull out the bearing of the wheel in just a few seconds.

The above steps will help you get the bearings off the wheel. Make certain that you follow all the steps carefully and do the procedure gently. When you will the pry the wheel, just do it slowly at a downward angle. Don’t make it too hard as you might damage the bearing or hurt yourself. It is essential that we maintain the bearings as it will only increase the operational activity of your skateboard.

How to Maintain the Bearings?

How to Change Skateboard Bearings

  • Just be certain to avoid the contact of water with the bearings of the skateboard. Water will definitely cause damage to the bearings so avoid using the board while it rains. If the bearings frequently come in contact with the water, then your bearings will rust. You should also safeguard the bearings from dust.
  • Bearings should be handled carefully and place them in a safe place.
  • Avoid using the board on wet ramps as it will protect the deck of the board. There is a high possibility of meeting with an accident on wet ramps.
  • This is one of the most important factors to consider to maintain the bearings of your board. Make sure you clean the bearings at regular intervals. It might seem a tedious process, but cleaning it is very essential. By cleaning the bearings frequently, you will just boost the lifespan of it.
  • Make sure you purchase the best electric skateboard and check all the parts quality before buying it.
  • We highly recommend you to first clean the bearings and only then oil them.
  • While changing the bearing, ensure that you follow a proper method.
  • Make sure you use proper tools to get off the bearings out of the skateboard as it will prevent it from the damage. Don’t use general tools as it will only cause more damage, so just use proper tools.

The above are a few useful tips you should consider as it will increase the lifespan of the bearings and help you maintain it. It is advisable that you inspect the bearings frequently and clean it with a suitable lubricant and a high-quality solution. Without maintaining the bearings, the rider will not enjoy a smooth steer and reduce the downtime, so we suggest you take all the precautions.

We hope after reading the blog, you can change the bearings of the skateboard with ease. If you will consider all the factors and maintain the bearings of the board, then you will face no problem and you will only increase the lifespan of your board. Take your time and enlighten yourself before heading out to execute the process.

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