Five Steps on How to Turn On a Skateboard

How to Turn on a Skateboard

To help you get started on how to turn on a skateboard, we have put together five steps and a few useful tips. After reading the blog you will learn how to make a skateboard turn easier, balancing and carving like a professional. Driving a skateboard can be done in two ways, like by using the tail to get started or leaning your weight.

How to Turn On a Skateboard?

Push Off and Steer

The first step is to push off by placing your front foot on the skateboard just behind the nose. Use your back foot and push off against the ground as this position gives you more stability. Make certain you give at least four pushes at it will ensure a decent speed. When you are placed on the board, don’t forget to bend down and then ride off.

Lean In the Correct Direction

Once you land on the board and ride off, you just have to lean your weight in the direction you want to steer. Decide if you want to turn to the right or to the left and lean your weight in that direction. If you plan to go in the right direction, then lean over your toes and if you turn left, then lean your weight over your heels. You can turn sharply on a skateboard if are well-versed with the mechanics of it.

Maintain Your Balance

Maintaining your balance is an essential part while steering the skateboard. All the riders must bend their knees as it will help them to maintain their balance. If you are falling off the skateboard, then you must be leaning too hard. We highly recommend repositioning your weight and ride your way to turn.

Adjust Your Skateboard

Don’t forget to adjust your skateboard as it will help you turn with ease. Make certain that you loosen your trucks as it will help you maintain the right balance. By doing this step, the riders can move around freely.

Touch Down With the Front Wheels

Once you have completed all the above steps, the last step is to touch down the ground with the front wheels. This way, you eliminate the chances of awkward dropping the board.

We hope that the above steps will help you get started and you enjoy while skating. Take things slowly as only practice will enhance your skating skills. With time you will become trained and be well-aware of different techniques.

Things You Should Know

Grasp the Basic Understanding Of Skateboarding

Turn Sharply on a Skateboard

Before you start steering, we suggest you grasp the basic understanding of skateboarding. This way, you will get aware of different techniques and enjoy while riding.

Use Protective Gears

Ensure that you use protective gears like wrist guards, a helmet and elbow and knee pads to shield yourself against any serious or casual injuries.

Determine Your Footedness

In case, you are wondering what is footedness, then let us help you understand the meaning of this word. Footedness means if you use left foot or right foot forward. While riding, whatever step you take on board instinctively will determine your footedness. There is no correct way to stand on the skateboard, so you can select the foot you are comfortable with. Selecting the right stance will help you ride smoothly and will be less stressful.

Correct Your Posture

The correct posture is really essential to enjoying your ride. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional, riding a skateboard will require you to have a correct posture. In the beginning, the skateboard can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know the techniques. Maintaining the right body posture will help the riders to stand better and steer the board smoothly. Don’t worry, this might seem a daunting task, but with time and practice, you will learn to maintain a posture while riding the board.

Master the Art of Carving

We recommend you to master the art of carving by using your entire body. Most of us don’t know that we have to use our entire body and not just our feet while taking turns. The riders must use their feet, shoulders and their arms to get the right flow. You should learn how to use your shoulders as they do most of the work while taking a turn. The rider must bend their knees, keep their head up and arms out while steering the skateboard.

The above are a few things all the riders must know as it will only enhance their skills and they will definitely enjoy riding. You will find many tips and steps to learn about how to turn on a skateboard, but the above tips are just perfect to start. Make sure you buy the best electric skateboard available in the market.

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