Blitzart Tornado Electric Skateboard Review

Blitzart Electric Skateboard Review

Blitzart Tornado Electric Skateboard: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • 3 LED’s below the code light
  • Color choices
  • Smooth operation
  • Silent operation
  • Remote control
  • Good speed
  • Works well on the rough surface
  • Efficient battery
  • Powerful Motor
  • Durable
  • Good quality
  • Long lasting battery
  • Made of maple and bamboo

What We Don't Like

  • Not waterproof
  • Not water resistant
  • Wheels last for only 6-12 months
  • Single wheel motor
  • Short charge time

Electric skateboards are in much demand in the market. Gone are the days, where you needed to utilize effort to ride your skateboard. These days, you can rely upon a mechanized unit that gives the equivalent experience. The gadgets come in all way of sizes, plans, shapes, power and more, to suit the diverse requirements. Some people want a big board, some need medium and some need small ones – depending on whether they are a beginner or experienced. One of the best electric skateboards available is BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard Longboard Motorized Electronic Hub-Motor, 3.5″ Wheels.

So today we will provide you with Blitzart electric skateboard review in the article.

Longboards require lots of physical exertion, especially for starters. Many of the times you don’t want to pedal after getting tired either from the gym or anywhere. There is one more issue that it’s not suitable for uphill.

Fortunately, the Blitzart 700w Electric Skateboard understands both of those issues. With these electric Skateboards, you can get around town effortlessly. There’s truly no compelling reason to push off, pedal, or worry about riding tough. You basically utilize the remote to get around, without getting off the Skateboard by any stretch of the imagination.

The Blitzart Huracane electric board is 38 inches in length and is prescribed for clients weighing as much as 300 pounds. The deck includes 8-handle maple wood and a layer of bamboo for unbending nature, while the grasp tape and inward plan give a firm base and backing. It includes a center engine inside its 3.5-inch haggles on a 36V battery-powered Li-particle battery. Evaluated at 360W, the skateboard should keep going for up to 2.5 hours on full charge.

Who is this Product for?

This product is for anyone and everyone who does not like walking around the streets and it can let you reach anywhere faster than walking, but not faster than a car. It’s difficult to go by Car everywhere because of space and parking issues, so here it works effectively as it neither needs much space to use nor to park.

What’s Included?

This package contains a skateboard with 1 battery and weighs around just 8.5 kg. It comes with wireless remote control. The skateboard has 3 color lights on it- Red means battery low and green means battery is full.

Overview of Features

Blitzart Electric Skateboard Reviews

Blitzart electric board is considered one of the best and there are numerous reasons for this. Its charging time is one such reason. The other boards take approx… 11-12 hours to charge wherein this board only takes 3 hours to travel 17-18 km. It also has a feature of auto power off which means if it’s idle for 20 minutes, it automatically turns off. The charging time is the best feature, wherein the skateboard takes 2-3 hours to charge and wireless remote takes 1.5 hours to charge.

How to Use Blitzart Electric Skateboard

It is for a single rider only.

Before using it, make sure the skateboard and remote are charged properly.

How to Charge

Skateboard: Usually it takes 3 hours, but it’s charged when the red lights turn green.

Remote: It takes 1.5 hours.

This skateboard works with the remote like forward, break, stop, reverse or speed changing.

Make sure while using you use appropriate clothing and don’t forget to wear a helmet, pads and elbow guards. Make sure you ride on a flat surface and not on the slippery ground.


Everyone has their opinions, so if you don’t like this product, you can try Fitness club Electric longboard. This is also one of the best and takes 2 hours to have a drive of approx. 20 km. It has all the features like forwarding, brake, speed changing but does not have a reverse option, which is the main problem of this product.

Final Verdict

To draw a conclusion on Blitzart electric skateboard review, it is the best because it is reliable and has all the features which an electric skateboard should have. It also takes lesser time to charge. With its long-lasting battery to cover approx. 17-18 km by one charge it makes the product worth buying for. Also, it’s not an expensive product.

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