Best Electric Skateboard of 2021 Complete Reviews

Best Electric Skateboard Reviews

In the last few years, electric skateboards have gained a lot of popularity. Electric skateboards are new high tech innovation which is very powerful and fun to use. Not only this they are being used these days as a transportation vehicle as they are highly portable. The benefit of riding the best electric skateboards is that you can ride much faster and also beat the traffic as it does not take much space.

The new type of brake system in these skateboards ensures that the rider has full control over the speed, be it on flat areas or hilly area. An electric skateboard allows you to revel in the outdoor area even on the rougher terrain which mostly is not an option with the regular boards. And not to forget skateboarding is always so much fun and looks very cool. Electric skateboards allow you to reach at the aspired location in an effective way without investing in gas or maintenance which your car asks for.

As it is very easy to ride you would not have to maintain and push the balance while riding a skateboard, it really becomes convenient for the starters to ride this electric skateboard. With the use of handheld remote, the rider would be able to keep a great balance and can also slow down if they feel they are no longer in control – and as time passes by, you get better with experience. You can also try a number of new modes and relish skateboarding to its fullest.

Therefore, with the variety of skating boards on the market, finding the best electric skateboard becomes a little complex and challenging. Your aim should be to seek for a very portable motorized electric skateboard that is constructed for range, speed, and reliability. Here are 5 of the best electric skateboards available in the market which would provide you with the answer for what is the best electric skateboard to buy.

Top 5 Electric Skateboard Comparison Chart

Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard
It has a high-performance battery and is one of the slimmest options available. It has a high- performance motor. However, the board is not the most flexible options around.

BLITZART Huracane GT 38" Dual Electric Long board Skateboard
Has a robust build and has a simple remote controlled mechanism, which is easy to use. Has a decent battery, which allows you to travel longer on the full charge.

Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus 35" Boosted Long Board
Has remote controlled 4-speed mechanism. One of the most flexible skateboards, it can also take up weight upwards of 250 lbs. Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard It is one of the fastest electric skateboards. It is built to last as well as for speed. Takes minimum time to recharge and travels for longer periods.

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard
It is one of the fastest electric skateboards. It is built to last as well as for speed. Takes minimum time to recharge and travels for longer periods.

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard
Has a high-performance motor which enables to travel at higher speed. Strongly built and can pull weights up to 280 lbs. has wide deck and wheels.

Electric Skateboard Reviews

 Let’s have a look at the detailed overview of the five best electric skateboards of 2019.

1. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Teamgee’s H5 electric skateboard is an inflexible and rigid board which comprises of truly zero flex just to maintain the built-in battery pack secured. It has a high-performance battery inside its deck which gives it a look of a regular skateboard. Its thickness is around.5 cm which is the slimmest among E-skateboards available.

Product Highlights

The H5 37” comes in double-boxed packaging which comprises of all of the gears you would expect. This electric skateboard is made from 1 ply fiberglass and 10 ply Canadian Maple. This material used in its construction is of premium quality which provides medium flex for a better ride and can also bear up to 200 lbs. The wheels of this skateboard are 90mm 83a flywheel cones which make the ride more comfortable and smooth.

It has powerful dual motors which have 380W*2 dual motors which are very powerful. The board reaches the speed till 22 mph, and also offers 25% grade hill climbing. The battery of this skateboard is so good that once it has been charged for 2hrs it can ride 9-11 km. The new and attractive thing about these skateboards is that they also have a wireless LCD screen along with the remote control which indicates speed, battery, LED Flashlight, cruising mode and speed setting as well. Best thing to remember about it is that the entire Teamgee skateboard comes along with a warranty of 12 months which is against all the mechanical defects.

What We Like About Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

To start with, H5 electric skateboard has fabulous looks and this is also one of the reasons it is always in demand. Its look is completely different and as compared to the other boards it seems quite alluring. It is simple yet very much stylish. The other good thing about it is that from a small 3.5Ah battery you can ride up to 11kms. Lastly, it provides you with the good, cushy ride in both flat and terrain areas.

What We Do Not Like About Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

It is a casual cruiser a more discerning rider would not like it much because it does not offer much top speed, finesse control, and high climbing abilities.

2. BLITZART Huracane GT 38″ Dual Electric Longboard Skateboard

It is a well-known brand and it constructs robust and best quality products. This electric skateboard is made up of the premium grip tape, bamboo deck, and maple wood; because of all these three components, it makes it a very durable board which provides a very smooth ride.

Product Highlights

It is an 8 layer deck which comprises of 6 maple wood put between one layer of bamboo which is placed on the top and board is placed at the bottom to provide improved sturdiness and flexibility. On the outer of the deck grip tape is put and it is concaved properly so that the person riding it gets a good grip while riding and the feet remain firm on the board. Not only this, it can take up to 250lbs weight.

The top speed of this skateboard goes up to 23mph and you can ride till 10kms after charging it once. It comes with a 36V 5.4Ah lithium-ion battery which gets full charges within a time span of 3 hrs. It has a brushless hub motor which is much more reliable and less problematic. These hub motors also give a great look to the complete design as it comes without belts, transmissions, and pulleys under the board.

What We Like About BLITZART Huracane GT 38″ Dual Electric Longboard Skateboard

The best thing about Blitzart  Skateboard is that it comes with a simple to handle remote control which is wireless and operates the acceleration and deceleration along with reverse capability. The battery of the remote can last up to 7 days by just charging once. It also has a wrist strap with it so that you can avoid drops falling on it. The last thing is that it comes fully assembled, so when it comes just be ride ready.

What We Do Not Like About BLITZART Huracane GT 38″ Dual Electric Longboard Skateboard

As per the reviews and our understanding of the tires of it are not too good as at times they come out quickly and the after-sales customer services are also not that great.

Best Electric Skateboards

3. Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus 35″ Boosted Longboard

This is one of the best electric skateboards as it comes with an excellent range, which can even bear the densest of roads. It is very powerful and it gives you a very smooth ride even while climbing hills or riding on another type of terrains.

Product Highlights

The wireless remote control of this skateboard controls 4-speed modes- the beginners, pro mode, eco mode, and expert mode. This skateboard can take the load up to 264lbs. It is said to be the super flexible electric board as it made up of military material polycarbonate around 85%, Sea glass is used approximately 10% and 5% lead is used on the deck area. All these components have enhanced the impact resistance 10 times more. This skateboard is very convenient to control and gives you great flexibility especially when taking turns.

The exclusive thing about these skateboards is that it has a smart built-in LED Lamp and stereo Bluetooth audio speaker which is based on DSP Technology. All the Spadger skateboards come with a warranty of 12 months against any mechanical defects. This skateboard also guarantees your safety as the breaks of it are really good and made from advanced and new technology. The deck of it also offers you with added traction grip, which ensures that your feet stay firm all the time when you are riding.

What We Like About Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus 35″ Boosted Longboard

This electric skateboard has 450W*2 superpower motor which gives it an excellent speed of around 23mph. It has 97mm PU wheels which make the board more durable and robust. It has up to 25% grade hill climbing capability. In short, it is value for money.

What We Do Not Like About Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus 35″ Boosted Longboard

The worst thing about it is that it can bear weight up to 165lbs only, which is a major drawback as most of the skateboards, on the contrary, can bear weight at least around 200lbs.

The Best Electric Skateboard

4. Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

The primary thing that one needs to know about Boosted skateboard products is that they are well known for premium quality and durability, so you can rest assured that your money would be well-spent. The chief focus is on the speed that these skateboards give, they are one of the fastest skateboards available in the market.

Product Highlights

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard is made of the latest technology. This model is specifically designed for people who love speed. Boosted Dual + is constructed for people who really want to sense the road under their feet and quell it. The best thing about these skateboards is that they are easy to learn and the power and speed are adjustable according to the requirement and level. It gives a completely new experience to the person who is riding it as it gives 2000 watts of power.

These skateboards are constructed in California with premium quality material. As they are made of aerospace grade batteries, composites, and machined metal. In Eco made it ranges up to 7kms and in expert mode, it covers up to 6 km. The good thing about these skateboards is that they only need 1 hour to charge, unlike few skateboards which take up to 6hrs to charge.

What We Like About Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

The superior thing about then is there regenerative breaks, which means a part of the energy used is renewed back. When you will press the brakes the electric skateboard would recharge the portion of battery utilized back. Its weight is only 15 pounds and it is very easy to carry wherever you wish to, even in your backpack.

What We Do Not Like About Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

If you have just started using a skateboard and you are not much trained using them, then it might be difficult for you to use them as there speed is quite high, so you would need excellent control and speed.

What is the Best Electric Skateboard

5. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for something durable and stable then this is the skateboard one should opt for. It is constructed by 8 layers of maple which makes it strong enough that it can bear weight up to 280 Lbs; this is more than enough as compared to the other skateboards available in the market. The wheels and deck of it are quite wide which makes the ride more stable and better as it measures 38” of length.

Product Highlights

The motor set of this skateboard is tremendous. It comprises of 2 brushless hub motors which combined together provide up to 1000W of power. The top speed of this skateboard is said to be around 25mph. The remote control of it is designed differently it is like designed in the shape of a finger ring so that it becomes convenient for you to hold it and manage it. It also has a switch to change the fast and slow modes as well.

The unique thing about this is that it comprises of 2 red warning tail lights too so that when you are in riding at night or in dark, the visibility should be there. They would blink and you would be able to see any vehicle coming from front and vice versa.

What We Like About SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

We Like About this skateboard is that on a single charge it can run up to 19 miles which very few skateboards provide. But it would also depend on what terrain you are riding. Wheels are made up of superior quality and are wear-resistant for excellent durability and wear and tear in all sort of weather.

What We Do Not Like About SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

The remote of this skateboard is not user-friendly and at times people feel difficult to use it. Also, the paint on it at times gets easily chipped off, especially if it rains.

Best Electric Skateboard Reviews

Electric Skateboard Buyer’s Guide

Here is a list of things a rider should always check before buying an electric skateboard:


One should always give time and check the battery of the skateboard as it is of prime importance, a person should always check the reviews know well about the battery and then buy a skateboard.


It should be less so that it would be easy for you to carry on vacation or where ever you want to.

Remote Control

Choice of remote control depends upon your choice primarily. But it becomes very convenient to use a remote with a trigger at the index finger, not one controlled with the thumb.


Key to good skateboard is undoubtedly its engine. Always 2 engines are better than 1 engine as 2 motors mean 4 driving wheels.

Technical Support

The most important thing whenever you buy any electric item is technical or after support services. As if any wear and tear happen it is important that trained and professional staffs repair it accordingly. So always check the warranty and guarantee of the skateboard before buying it.


Last but not least, it should be worth what you are paying. The skateboard should fulfill all the requirements that you have in your mind and should be of excellent quality with great comfort and flexibility, then it becomes worth buying.

Electric Skateboard FAQ’s

How Well do the Brakes Work When Riding Down the Hills for Teamgee H5?

It might change with the change in weight, but it works pretty well with around 165lbs frame on some declines.

If the Skates Run Out of Battery Can we Ride it by Pushing for BLITZART Huracane GT?

Yes, you can but the only thing is that you cannot push it on the throttle.

Are the Wheels of Spadger D5X Plus 35 Replaceable?

The best thing about them is that the wheels are replaceable.

Can We Have an Option of Using Remote Instead of Bluetooth Smart Phone Connection?

Yes, you can as it already comes with a handheld remote.

Is the Battery User-Replaceable?

As it is an important part of skateboard it should be replaced by professionals.

Final Verdict

According to us, the best electric skateboard is Skate bolt as it has all the features that the best skateboard should have and it is a complete value for your money. Rest it depends on your requirements which you like the best and choose. But make sure that the skateboard you buy fulfils the purpose you want it for and makes your journey pleasurable.

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