Know About How to Jump On a Skateboard

How to Jump on a Skateboard

Do you know that a skateboard jump is also known as Ollie? This trick is very crucial as the skateboarder can take a leap in the air with ease. It might seem intimidating, but you can learn how to jump on a skateboard while moving with sufficient practice. We have compiled a few steps about how to jump on a skateboard in this blog.

Here is a list of a few steps which will guide you on basic skateboarding jump crossword and how to jump on a skateboard while moving.

Find a Suitable Place

Before you head out to master skateboarding jump, ensure that you find a suitable flat place to practice. Avoid skateboarding on bumpy roads as it can lead to any serious injury. If you have just started using a skateboard, then we will highly suggest you take a friend with you while practicing.

Position Your Feet

Most of you must be aware of the importance of positioning your feet correctly on a skateboard. It is advisable that you place your front feet, two inches from the front bolts and your back feet on the tail. Make sure your back foot is aligned with the center of the skateboard and your front foot should be behind the bolts. Your both feet should be aligned correctly and face straight ahead.

Master the Technique to Stop

Once you learn to position your feet, the next step is to master the technique to stop and make a smooth landing. You should know how to stop the skateboard without falling. You can start with short pushes as if you will directly take longer pushes it might be dangerous.

The balance on a Skateboard

It is very important to learn the technique to balance on a skateboard. If you want to achieve optimal balance on your skateboard, then you should place the front foot in the direction you want to ride and your back foot should be on the side. Both your feet should run parallel to your trucks and this way, you will maintain the balance on your board.

Your Feet Should Be Over Your Trucks

Don’t forget to place your feet over your trucks. There is a high possibility to snap your board if you land in the middle of the skateboard. You might damage your board and you will be displeased as skateboards are expensive. Don’t make a sudden stopping and your feet should over your trucks.

Bend Your Knees

Bending the knees is essential as it will help the boarders to land flat. If you want to avoid the shock, then we recommend you bend your knees while landing. Many beginners are too lazy to bend their knees and they just do not understand the importance of bending. If you want to take a good jump, then you will have to bend your knees deeply.

The above are a few steps that you should be aware of if you are planning to learn how to jump on a skateboard. We hope, we have guided you on everything you should know when you decide to jump on a skateboard. Learning the techniques is important as it will help you in the long run and you will fall less from your board.

A Few Essential Tips about How to Jump On a Skateboard

Jump on a Skateboard While Moving

  • This is one of the most important tips and we often forget to be patient while learning to jump. If you are a beginner or you have started skateboarding after a long time, then please be patient.
  • Make sure you focus on the techniques and master all the relevant skills. It does not matter how high you jump if you are not aware of the right technique. All the skateboarders should focus on the technique rather than hurrying to just jump.
  • Once you master all the necessary techniques and you understand the mechanics of your board, then you start jumping over and learn the trick to roll. Take small steps at a time and this way, you will ride your skateboard without any tension and enjoy it.

A Few Things You Should Avoid While Skateboarding

  • Make sure you wear safety gear while skateboarding. It is very important that you wear a helmet and pads while riding to avoid any serious injury. Safety gears protect you if you face an accident.
  • Don’t rush to jump and try all the tricks while using the skateboard.
  • When you will learn to jump on a skateboard, then we suggest you should bring a friend along with you. In case of any mishappening, they can handle the situation.

The above are a few essential tips and warnings which you should consider while skateboarding. We hope you note all these factors and buy the best electric skateboard.

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