A Guide to Selecting a Skateboard for the Beginners

What is a Good Skateboard For Beginners

Are you excited to buy your first skateboard? Are you wondering about what is a good skateboard for beginners? If your answer is yes, then relax as we will discuss the best skateboard for beginners and what all factors you should consider while buying the best affordable electric skateboard for beginners.

If you are an amateur and just trying to figure out what all important things you should consider before heading out to a market, then read the following factors.

Determine the Size of the Skateboard

It is essential to determine the size of the skateboard so don’t forget to check out the various options available. The best skateboard size for a beginner can be determined on various factors such as height, shoe size, and age. Ensure that you get your feet size check by the shopkeeper and buy accordingly.

Examine the Parts of the Skateboard

Once you select the size of your skateboard, we suggest you examine the parts of it. It is very crucial that you know what all the parts are used for and what all factors you should look out while buying the board.

Select the Right Store

You might think it is not important to buy the skateboard from a notable store. But, you are wrong, buying it from the right store that ensures that it is original and not a duplicate board. If you buy from a reputed store, then you will get exactly what is best for you as the salesman has the expertise to guide you about what is a good skateboard for beginners as well as professionals. We recommend you buy from a store which is near your place rather than buying it online.

Examine the Deck

Do you skate more often? If yes, then buy a board with a deck between 7.5 to 8. We highly recommend you buy a deck which is 30 inches long and at least 8 inches wide. Before picking a board, make sure you check the deck size and calculate where you will be riding the board and how often. These factors will help you get the right skateboard for yourself.

Determine the Size of the Wheels

Best Skateboard Size For Beginner

If you plan to use the board in the streets rather than a park, then you should know that the wheels of board used in a park are smaller and lighter as compared to the wheels of board used in the streets. The ideal size of the wheels used in the street is approximately 48 to 52 mm. Make sure you determine the size of the wheels and check where you will be riding the board. Once you decide, only then buy the skateboard.

Check the Trucks

Make certain that you check the size of the truck before purchasing a board for yourself. As a matter of fact, you will have to refer to the deck size if you want to get the right size of the trucks. Don’t forget to check the axle length as it should match with the width of your deck. It is ideal if you align them to each other and avoid sticking them together. This way, you will enjoy a smooth ride. It is advisable that you consult with the shopkeeper as they will suggest you the right size according to your height, size, and age.

Select a Shape of the Board

Most of you must know that you will find a wide range of shapes of a skateboard. Selecting the shape of the board can be an intimidating task initially. If you have used a couple of boards before, then you must have a preference. If you are a beginner, then it is advisable that you pick the conventional board shape. It will help you understand the mechanics of the board and you will be well-versed with all the tricks. There is no ideal shape of the skateboard, so you can buy according to your needs, taste, and preference.

We have compiled a few important factors which will help you buy the right skateboard for yourself. Ensure that you consider all the above points before you venture into buying a board. If you are a beginner, then don’t worry as it might seem like a difficult task at first, but it is not if you know what to look for and know your preferences.

Purchasing a board can be a daunting and overwhelming task if it is the first time. Don’t worry as in this blog, we have listed a few useful factors which will help you get started and pick the right board for yourself. In the blog, we have mentioned what all features and how selecting the appropriate size will help you get the perfect skateboard for yourself. If you consider all the factors, then you will definitely enjoy cruising.

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